Card Games v0-alpha


(images and videos coming soon)

1. Introduction
This is the early access version of our first AI-powered game making platform, specifically optimised for making online multiplayer turn-based card games similar to Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.

We highly encourage you to experiment and see what you can come up with!

  • - Create cards (monsters and spells) with custom mechanics.
  • - Browse other user creations.
  • - Build a deck from your cards and community made cards.
  • - Play with friends in online multiplayer.
2. Game Mechanics, Possibilities, Limitations
Althought we have placed some limitations on the base ruleset, there is still a lot you can achieve if you are creative enough.

Remember this is an alpha, so don't expect production ready games yet.

Base Rules:
  • - The base rules of the game cannot be modified.
  • - The base rules are based on Hearthstone:
  • - Each player has health, mana, a board with monsters, a hand with cards, and a deck with cards.
  • - Each turn the player's mana is reset and he draws a card from the deck.
  • - Each card costs mana and can be played from the hand until the player runs out of mana.
  • - Cards can be two types Spells and Monsters.
  • - Each monster has by default health, attack, and actions. It can use actions to attack (or do other user defined abilities).
  • - To end the game just refresh the page.

  • - Each card can have custom effects when played that is based on your prompts: summon monster, deal damage, draw cards, generate or consume a resource, or drawing a card for each pirate on the board, etc.
  • - Each monster can have custom resources in additions to health, attack, and actions like gold, skulls, combo points, etc. These could be generated based on custom mechanics and used for custom mechanics.
  • - Each monster can have custom activateable abilities: heal, attack multiple enemies, sleep, consume custom resource to cast special ability, etc.
  • - Each monster can have custom triggerable effects. When a turn starts, a turn ends, a monster is summoned, a monster dies, a card is played, a monster has taken damage, etc. For example, a monster could gain attack equal to damage taken whenever it takes damage.

Our tests have shown a lot of possibilities. We encourage you to experiment. If something does not work as expected please send a report so that we can look into it and improve our AI.
3. Card Creation Guide
Creating cards is quite simple:
  1. 1. Click Create
  2. 2. You can click to load a starter template or write your own prompt
  3. 3. Click [Step 1: Generate Images]: this will identify all entities (cards and monsters), generate images, and give you the option to select an image for each entity
  4. 4. (Optional): Modify the original prompt to make improve it for the next step by removing unnecessary information such as information about the images.
  5. 5. Click [Step 2: Generate Card]: This will assemble the images and write the code.
  6. 6. You card is saved. If something looks wrong you can go back to Step 2 to retry the code generation or to step 1 to start from scratch
4. Browse Creations and Build a Deck
  1. 1. Click Browse
  2. 2. Click [Create Deck]
  3. 3. Add cards to your deck below
5. Test and Play with Friends
  1. 1. Click Play
  2. 2. Copy the link and open it in a new window or share it with a friend
  3. 3. Select your deck.
  4. 4. Press [Play]
  5. 5. Play!
  6. 6. To end the game just refresh the page